Cyber Risk Compass For Better Digital Orientation

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This is an introductory post that provides an overview of what this blog is all about.

A piece of valuable leadership advice I follow is a three-step process—what, so what, and now what. I leveraged this to reflect on the decision to start a blog. These three simple “whats” will be addressed as you read along.

The What

It’s noted that the first magnetic compass was invented in China during the 1st century AD. Since then, the compass has been modified, improvised, and extensively used for navigational orienteering in numerous explorations. Subsequently, it first appeared in the Mediterranean somewhere around the 14th century. However, there was a problem—it always showed some variation or difference between true north and magnetic north. This variation was prominent across the Atlantic as opposed to somewhere in the Mediterranean.

During his voyage to North America in 1492, Christopher Columbus concealed this imprecision of the compass from his crew, afraid that he might spook them out. In retrospect, had Columbus revealed this fact to his crew, the effect might not have been very positive. Now, 528 years later, “Cyber Risk Compass” is intended to nudge you in the right direction, even if there is some digital variance. After all, the goal is to make better timely digital decisions.

Simply put, it’s an attempt to share valuable and timely information on topics related to Cybersecurity and those impacting or influencing this area, specifically catering to people who are passionate about it.

So What?

Yet another blog … so what? I tackle this in two parts:

  • One more blog might be in a drop in an ocean of cyber blogs. Often flurry of thoughts, ideas, and potential solutions flow through my mind and these might need a different perspective. This would be the place to get that valuable feedback! You never know how a different vantage point might help you get closer to solving a problem in Cybersecurity.
  • A famous quote by Winston Churchill comes to my mind: “I never worry about action, but only inaction“. With all the experiences that each of us encounter daily, there’s a lot to share, learn, and add to the tsunami of information that is growing as we speak. This is a platform on which I’d like to share my experiences and keep it as entertaining as possible.

Now What..

The pandemic has made us realize that we struggle alone and thrive together. Feel free to use the compass as a guide, a resource, and to bounce off your ideas. I intend to present situations, scenarios, and solutions that I stumble across from time to time (with some reasonable consistency). I would love to hear your opinions and help enrich each other’s knowledge.

I hope this post drove home my intent behind starting this blog. I look forward to spooking y’all!

Cyber Risk Compass For Better Digital Orientation

by Indrajit (Indy) Atluri time to read: 2 min