The Journey From Science Fiction To Reality With Hollywood

3 min read A copy of the article I posted on LinkedIn on June 21st, 2017. Think about the technology transformation we’ve witnessed over the last two centuries. From Postal Service to Telegram and then from Switchboard dependent Telephones to Dial Phones. Then the transition to mobile phones and onto smart phones. If someone had lived through most part of this change cycle, it […]

Attain Harmony Through A Cyber CPR

5 min read The following is an excerpt from my article on quantitative cyber risk assessments and cyber insurance that was initially published in the ISACA Journal Volume 2, March 2018. Two years and one pandemic later, it has only become more applicable. From a business risk standpoint, the most important question to be answered is to know […]

Updates On Risk Management For IoT

12 min read This article was originally published in the ISACA Journal Volume 3, May 2017. Most of the IoT issues are still relevant but a lot has changed since and warranted an update. The updates are highlighted (Gray boxes) throughout the post, but if you are interested in the ongoing regulatory, industry and/or voluntary initiatives in IoT […]