No Better Time Than Now

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A Timely And Important Message From Two Visionary Cybersecurity Leaders.

It’s been a while since I blogged last time. Recently I encountered a timely, invigorating and visionary message that I personally felt it ought to be re-shared and echoed. Earlier this month, I attended (virtually) the AT&T Cybersecurity Conference mainly to listen in to Ed Amoroso’s keynote. Whenever Ed speaks on any topic, I make sure to tune-in. This talk was as impactful as ever.

A few days later I had a scheduled trip to Seattle. I figured I needed a book that’s consumable in a ten hour journey to and from Dallas. I picked Dr. Chase Cunningham’s C:\>_gAbrIel. I’m not a big fiction buff, but since it was technology related, I was curious. Check out Dr. Cunnigham’s reasoning behind authoring this book.

It was a short book, but I took my time to finish it on the return journey while adjusting to flight travel for the first time in about twenty months. Dr. Cunningham infused various prevailing concerns in society, technology, and cybersecurity into the novel. I found it surprising that no one in the past ever considered bringing these to the forefront in the form of a fictional narrative.

I consider both Ed’s talk and Dr. Cunningham’s book to be very timely. Ed’s message was simple – we can do better in preparing ourselves for the future, and investing in educating our younger generation is one key advice he offers. We are aware of the adversities we are going to face in the future we just need to take time to be prepared. The result of not doing a good job is what ensues in C:> gAbrIel. I’m thankful to both these luminaries who took time to share their thoughts that should’ve been on all our minds all along, cybersecurity, technology, or not. As we come close to the end of 2021, we should all be glad that it’s still is 2021 and there is no better time to prepare for the future (2035 and beyond as Ed pointed out) than now.

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If you haven’t had a chance to read the book and/or listen to the keynote yet, I recommend you to do so before 2022 arrives. Take time during this Thanksgiving break and hope that you’ll be thankful and entertained as I was.

The uppercase letters “A” and “I” in the book’s title refer to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is what “gAbrIel” is all about. Turns out that I’m twice as smart as gAbrIel (with 2 AIs in my name) but defintely not rogue!

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No Better Time Than Now

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