No Better Time Than Now

2 min read A Timely And Important Message From Two Visionary Cybersecurity Leaders. It’s been a while since I blogged last time. Recently I encountered a timely, invigorating and visionary message that I personally felt it ought to be re-shared and echoed. Earlier this month, I attended (virtually) the AT&T Cybersecurity Conference mainly to listen in to Ed […]

Lessons From The SANS Phishing Attack Response

2 min read SANS Institute projected its recent breach in August 2020 as a teachable moment. This act of transparency is very refreshing and helpful! This is also in contrast to how most breaches have been handled in the past. SANS elaborated the details of the phishing attack and corresponding IOCs. The application based consent phishing attack that […]

About “The Social Dilemma” And “The Perfect Weapon”

5 min read This is an attempt to offer my take on the recent documentaries – Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” and HBO’s “The Perfect Weapon” and the concerns they transude. Few weeks ago, I watched Netflix’s new documentary “The Social Dilemma” that twitched my privacy muscle. And over this past weekend watched HBO’s documentary on Cyber warfare “The […]

Cyber Risk Compass For Better Digital Orientation

2 min read This is an introductory post that provides an overview of what this blog is all about. A piece of valuable leadership advice I follow is a three-step process—what, so what, and now what. I leveraged this to reflect on the decision to start a blog. These three simple “whats” will be addressed as you read […]